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^.--v Aoij 't TTOiv^h, voluptas eflorejcit in earum malis, i.

Namque humeris de more hahileni fufpenderat arcwn Venatrix, dederatq; comam diffundere ventis, Nuda genu, nodoque finus co He£la fluentes.

Thus (he him trayned, and thus flie him taught In all the fkill of deeming wrong and right. the ripenefle of mans yeares he raught ; That even wilde beads did feare his awfu U fight. But this verfe is thus left only in the old quarto but filled up in the other editions. There is but one more inftance in this large work, viz.

For of moft perfect: metall it was made, Tempred with adamant amongft the fame. And on his feed her fet to beare her out offght* XVIII. And on him catching hold gan Icud to crie Notfo to leave her nor away to cafty But rather of his hand befought to die : With that hisfword he drew all wrathfulfyy And at one flroke cropt off her kad withfcorn Cy In that fame place whereas it now doth lie.

ufes the fanre expreffion, MAAA T£a TT^i/Tira [lege K-p«ri;-a] ri^s p(^yciov T« Mala tua primwn hacc florefcentia cognofam. Her yellovu lockes — about her fioulders—} Our poet paints at large his royal dame, and flie was not difpleafed to hear praifes even of her perfon, if fame fays true : to adorn her he has fpoiled all his brother poets of their images.

Such as Diana by the fandy /hire Offwift Eiiroias, or en Cynthus greenc The fandy fhore of fwift Eurotas— is for the fake of the repetition of the fame letter, which he is wonderfully fond of— ^lalis in Eurotae ripis aut per juga Cynthi Exercet Diana chores — ^irg.

In which (he nourflcd him, till yeares he raught; And all the difcipline of iuflice there him taught. There Hk- him taught to weigh both right and wrong In cquall ballance with due recompence, And cquitie to meafure out along According to the line of confcience, Whenfo it needs with rigour to difpence : Of all the which, for want there of mankind, She caufed him to make experience Upon wyld hearts, which flie in woods did find. Since he himfelfe it us'd in that great fight Againfi: the Titans, that whylome rebelled Gainfi: higheft heaven j Chryfaor it was hight ; Chryfaor, that all other fwords excelled.

With v/rongfull powrc opprefiing others of their kind. Well prov'd in that fame day when love thofe gyants quelled : X. A knight y faid he, if knight he may be thought ^ That did his hand in ladies bloud embrew. This day as linfolacefate hereby With a fay re love whofe lojfe I now do rew^ There came this knight, having in companie This lucklejfe ladie which tiow here doth headlejfe lie, XVIL Hey whether mine feeni d fay rer in his eye. Would change with me ; but I did it denye^ So did the ladies bothy as may be knowne : But hey whofe fpirit was with pride upblowne^ Would not fo refl contented with his right ; But having from his courfer her downe throwne Fro me reft mine away by lawlefje might.

And eartly calling forth both man and beaft Commaunded them their daily workes renew j Thefe noble warriors, mindefull to purfew 1 he lail: dales purpofe of their vowed fight, Themfelves thereto preparde in order dew ; 1 he knight, as befl was feeming for a knight, And th'Amazon, as beft it likt herfelfe to dight^ II. Alultae vera ex7tiembris Gratia: fuehaut : fed anti- qui tres Gratias effe fiint mentiti : alteruter vera Hcrus oculus ridens cenuim gratiis pullulalat.

All in a camis light of purple filke Woven uppon with filver, fubtly wrought.

The turtles voice is herd, my lady Jzcete, IP^inter is gone with all his rainis wete : Come forth noiv with ihyn eyin columbine ; (/.

12.) How fairer ben thy brejiis then is wine (read, vine, viz.

See above the fame allufion differently applied, B.

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