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But the Flappers took control of their own money…earning it and spending it. In the workplace, Flappers proved that women were capable, dependable workers.

Flappers rebelled against the restrictive and uncomfortable corsets and pantaloons that women wore under their Victorian Era dresses.

Instead, Flappers wore panties and bras…to the shock of their mothers and grandmothers.

She would dress modestly, wear her long hair pulled up in stern buns, marry early and devote her life to serving her husband and raising her children.

Flappers discarded this lifestyle in favor of one in which women were not pigeonholed into a pre-determined life.

Flappers famously cast off the old ideas that woman should be passive participants in the courting process.

They rebuffed chaperones and openly flirted with men.

Many eras claim a "modern woman" for their time—the Gibson Girl and "New Woman" of the late 1800s, "true womanhood" of the mid-1800s, and, of course, the "flappers" of the 1920s.

Here we're not considering the rebellious young woman exploring new freedoms who came to personify the Twenties in later times (see Modern Youth).

Flappers were often depicted as fun-loving, carefree, party girls who could drink and smoke as much as the men who flocked to dance with them. Flappers were coming to age just after the Victorian Era…known for its rigid, conservative rules.

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