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Her lawyers feared that because her co-plaintiff, a command sergeant major, was eventually offered the chance to apply for a job in a combat engineer battalion (a job for which she ultimately wasn’t selected), the chances of winning the suit were slim.“That was how the institution defined success.”She never saw herself as a maverick.“I bought into the institutional values as presented,” she said.

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The rowdy and jubilant crowd also included women from West Point’s class of ’94, who had volunteered to lead a “spirit mission” dreamed up by one of their fellow female graduates from the class of ’80.

The venture involved a late-night operation to remove the letter “e” from a series of “Ranger Joe” military surplus store billboards around town.“I stayed in the Army for 30 years: I must have believed in it to some degree.”Like Pfluke, Haring had filed suit against the Army in an effort to get it to lift the combat exclusion policy, but dropped the lawsuit in 2013 as she neared retirement.

There were pioneers from West Point’s class of ’80, the first women allowed to attend the service academy, 175 years after it was established.

There were women from the class of ’84, too, who furnished box wine.

We are now using PLATO for the second time, Earth and Space, as my 12 year old son LOVED his previous "online science program", Life Science.

The graphics are wonderful and the "whole learning" concept is great.

My 2 girls were very pleased with the Plato Science middle school modules.

My daughter followed along and took notes in the study guide, and I think her retention of the material was much better.

Each Lesson is highly visual and has the option of listening to and/or reading along.

The Applications have just the right amount of interaction.

All images and videos of the people you see inside of the members area are the property of the individual.

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