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She says she never slept with any of her buyers, though she adds she was lucky to have enough money in her life that she could turn down offers of more money for... "It was hard balancing that," said the student, who no longer offers herself through Seeking Arrangements.

(That rent costs in Minneapolis drove a college student to date strangers for money is also pretty interesting, though that's a story for another day.) In theory, the youngsters are just meeting up with men for a good time and a pre-negotiated exchange of dollars.

Once the subject is on the table and the two of you have had some fun with it, maybe talk a little more in detail.

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Whether you agree on money or not, it’s better to learn that now rather than later.

Olivia, I've been reading your book before I go to bed or getting up earlier to have some reading time. I've already talked to 2 friends about an investment club.

Dave talks about the importance of discussing money before getting married.

But what about one step before that: How do you talk about it when you’re still dating?

That must be done with some care, since one of you might think it’s all right to bring that up just a month into things and the other person may find themselves looking for the big neon sign that says “This Way Out of the Relationship!

” Here are some good things to remember when the subject of money is broached with your boyfriend/girlfriend: This goes along with the point we just made about bringing up certain subjects too soon.She's since changed her name, and obtained a restraining order against her stalker effective through June 2019.And no, she didn't feel like like dredging all this up by talking to the Daily, on the record or off it. It gets crazier: Some of the rich ones are willing to pay for it. Some older men like the company of attractive young women.We'll give you a moment to process all this, we know it's a lot.

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