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I love listening to my ipod and listen to music from Beethoven to Fergie or teaching of Abraham-hicks, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald, etc.

Hearing the words of spirituality from those inspiring people overwelms my soul with so much peace, like hearing words that I already knew (even said and thought some of them as a child) and just now hearing for the first time and knowing it is truth because for me I feel powerful and have a sense of pure knowing deep within my soul.

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Then another friend within my wonderful group who is a massage theripist said she experienced negative stuff when she first started giving massage early in her career.

Releasing her clients pain and taking it on herself. A thought came to me recently as a was watching a group of unschooling children play, Do I practice BEING HAPPY, BEING JOYOUS, BEING in the place that I desire?

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u totally doubt johnny Knoxville does drugs but if he does that is his choice.

It makes me ashamed to even be a US citizen when I read things like this, and the worst part is this is becoming the NORM lately.

Everybody please pass this link around, something really needs to be done.

Love limitless, allowing, love of endless promises and the ability to achieve everything and do anything. I feel so amazed and grateful for the friends I have manifested in my life.

I am spirit, always have been spirit, will always be spirit. A great friend of mine read my last blog entry and then personally possed the thought to me that perhaps I could find a way to be happy without needing anything first.

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