Sexting site i dont need a credit card for - Xbox 360 media library not updating

Now replace the original code with "xvid" in both boxes.

(you can also try "divx" but i recommend "xvid")For example, if the boxes show "dx50" which is "Div X codec 5.0", change them to "xvid".

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Having a number in here may cause a conflict with the router resulting in your computer not showing up anywhere, this even means you might not be able to use your internet connection.*Note - The second point may even solve any network conflicts you are having.

By having this obtained automatically, you are letting your router do the work for you rather than doing it yourself.

Once inside properties, scroll down the list until you see "internet protocol (TCP/IP)".

Double click and make sure both the IP and DNS server addresses are obtained automatically....

Go to either video, music or pictures and search for computers on the network.

If you are already connected to a computer and want to disconnect from it, go to the System blade (purple background) and go to computerscomputer.

In other words, it lets you change the title of the codec used to compress the file you want to watch.

(it doesn't actually change the codec itself)Browse for a media file by clicking on the folder icon.

Since i pre-ordered the Xbox 360 (in march 06), i really badly wanted to watch video on the expensive console. (as if Microsoft wasn't happy with the amount of money they made from home and professional!!

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