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Whenever Emperor Gaozu held imperial gatherings, he would allow Xiao to sit next to him, and particularly, because Xiao had married a member of the Dugu clan, from which Emperor Gaozu's mother Lady Dugu also came, Emperor Gaozu referred to him endearingly as "Master Xiao." Xiao took the matters of state seriously and was not afraid of offending others in offering suggestions, and people feared him.

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Xiao Yu was born in 574, during the reign of his father Emperor Ming of Western Liang, who claimed the throne of Liang Dynasty but whose territory, known in history as the Western Liang, was limited to a small amount of territory around his capital Jiangling. In or around 582, Xiao Yu's older sister married Yang Guang the Prince of Jin, a son of Sui's founder Emperor Wen of Sui, to be his princess.

Emperor Ming was at that time also a vassal of the much larger Northern Zhou, and received protection from Northern Zhou forces against rival Chen Dynasty. Xiao Yu followed her to the Sui capital Chang'an, and he became known for studiousness and proper actions there.

When the news reached Chang'an, Li Yuan had Yang You yield the throne to him, establishing Tang Dynasty as its Emperor Gaozu.

He made Xiao Yu Neishi Ling (內史令), the head of the legislative bureau of the government (內史省, Neishi Sheng) and a post considered one for a chancellor, and he entrusted Xiao with some of the most important matters of state.

When Xiao Yu got to Hechi Commandery, there were agrarian rebels in the mountains, numbering over 10,000, whom the commandery government was unable to control.

Xiao Yu reorganized the commandery militia and attacked them, forcing them to surrender.

He was particularly attentive in studying Buddhist sutras and became a devout Buddhist, spending much of his time discussing Buddhism with monks.

Displeased with the work Essay on Predestination (辯命論, Bianming Lun), authored by the Liang Dynasty author Liu Xiaobiao (劉孝標), he wrote a work entitled, Essay on Non-Predestination (非辯命論, Fei Bianming Lun) intended to refute it.

Li Yuan assumed power as regent, and he wrote to Xiao Yu, requesting that Xiao submit.

Xiao agreed, and was made the minister of census and created the Duke of Song.

(Only the first paragraph of the preface survives, and it states, "Man is born from heaven and earth. However, good fortune and ill fortune also depend on man himself.

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