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Matt and Angie are hired by a distressed husband to confirm whether his wife has a stalker.

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But as Shade and Angie put the pieces together, they realize Jay is trapped between a kingpin and a shady cop.

Meanwhile, Jules is excited when some seniors become her friends, but she soon learns some hard lessons.

Angie's cousin's wedding is disrupted when the groom's heirloom tiara is stolen. Angie doesn't want to get involved but Shade sets out to prove her innocence.

Meanwhile, Becca starts manipulating Matt into a new custody agreement over Jules where he has far less time, and he must decide whether to show her as an uncaring, manipulative, career-driven mother or let Jules keep her mother.

To think, in three months, Breena and I are gonna have our own little human [Ducky rolls his eyes] who hopefully enjoys long walks. [smiles at Bishop, who returns the smile] It's lovely how it turned a one-hour drive into three, soaked a brand new pair of my shoes right down to the toes.

After a 6 month hiatus Jaimy and Erik bring in season 2 with questions from the Facebook page. https:// Is it a red flag if your boyfriend doesn't want you to meet his kids?

Things take an interesting turn when Angie's mother turns up and must deal with her bookie. When a famous author is a victim of arson, Shade and Everett follow several leads including his estranged daughter and two gay fashion designers who are not what they seem.

Meanwhile, Shade and Jules clash over her new study partner/boyfriend.

Should she be worried that they are not spending Thanksgiving together? Tune into to hear what Jaimy, The Date Doctor and her husband Erik have to say.

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