Young women dating men cerebral palsy

Before you consider dating anybody with a disability, you must take the time to accept yourself — fall in love with your disability and your body and be at peace with it.This goes back to accepting yourself — if you have low self-esteem, it will ultimately turn the person you’re interested in off.I feel we can connect more because we really understand what the other is going through, and we can be there for each other more on an emotional level.

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That just shows you never know what life is going to throw at you.

Having dated both able-bodied people and somebody with a physical disability just like myself, I would rather have a significant other with a disability.

I’ve been in plenty of situations when I was single where I would start talking to a young man with a disability, but he had low self-esteem — he was angry at the world because he had cerebral palsy, and his parents wouldn’t make it any better, saying he wasn’t smart enough — and that was a big turnoff for me.

I feel like parents have a lot of responsibility when it comes to pushing their children and motivating them, and I personally couldn’t see myself with somebody whose parents were opposite from mine.

If you’re not willing to support me and the decisions I make toward my health, then you’re gone.

If you don’t respect me, you’re gone, but that’s like any relationship.When it comes to being in a relationship, the one thing I most want people to understand is that you’re beautiful in your own way.Before you can find somebody, you have to embrace yourself and love yourself in your own skin regardless of your disability.Besides doing research, it’s up to the person to see the other person’s beauty inside the heart, because looks don’t matter at the end of the day.The hottest guy ever can be a complete jerk, and the guy who looks like Steve Urkel could have a good heart, have strong feelings for you, and treat you like a queen.Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a standard for the way a partner should treat you.

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