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Yvonne Strahovski was born on 30 July 1982 in Werrington Downs, New South Wales, Australia originally as Yvonne Jaqueline Strzechowski.She started acting school when she was 12, and she attended Santa Sabina College for high school.I’m honored by both comparisons, but find myself thinking I sound more like the love child of Christopher Walken and Jerry Seinfeld.

Zachary levi dating yvonne

Following the breakup with Josh Schwartz, Yvonne began dating her co-star, Matt Doran.

Strahovski was in a relationship with Matt Doran in 2006.

Strahovski and Levi are such a good friends behind the screen.

They had so much on-screen chemistry which led the rumors fly.

He is famous for playing ‘Mouse’ in the classic movie, ‘." The couple was such good friends off-screen and had so much on-screen chemistry that the rumors were bound to fly.

But the dating rumors were put to rest after the show ended in 2012.

Dating for almost ten years and then getting hitched, Levi really put hard effort to sustain his relationship with Missy. Today in this column, we will be discussing the reason for his divorce with Missy!

Zachary Levi, too, falls on the category of celebrities who do not want their personal info to spill out in the public.

Yvonne, Theater World Award winner was dating Chuck, Action comedy series television producer, Josh Schwartz in 2006.

The twosome dated shortly and broke up citing irreconcilable differences.

An actor by trade, Tim is famous for his appearances on projects including the hit series, " For her part, Yvonne always opted to keep her relationship with Tim a low-key affair.

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